Why Medical Marijuana Will Never Be Illegal

Medical marijuana has been used for centuries to treat ailments like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and nausea. In the United States, marijuana has been on a long journey from general acceptance, to criminalization and is now back on the path to being recognized as a valuable tool in our healthcare arsenal. Unfortunately, many lawmakers still see value in keeping marijuana a Schedule 1 drug and lumping it together with dangerous substances like heroin and cocaine.

The legalization of medical marijuana is gaining support by the American people, consumers and the medical profession.  Studies repeatedly show the many benefits of medical cannabis usage and in contrast, banning medical marijuana can have negative effects. Medical marijuana is currently legal in the state of California for anyone possessing a state-issued ID card. This allows them to purchase medical marijuana from any dispensary in the state and to grow their own marijuana in their homes for personal use.

legalizing medical marijana

Surveys show that 50 percent of Americans approve of the nationwide legalization of medical marijuana with just under 50 percent citing the benefits of its usage over the risks.  Along those lines, 60 percent of doctors believe medical marijuana aids in the relief of many medical conditions and should be a viable treatment option. The number of cannabis-approving physicians who specialize in oncology jumped to over 80 percent in favor of medical marijuana as a treatment option.

Evidence suggests that marijuana indeed has actual medical effects that oppose the once-held belief of it being a harmful gateway drug. This has been especially proven in those suffering from epilepsy, chemotherapy nausea, pain from AIDS, glaucoma, seizures and a long list of other ailments as medical cannabis usage has effectively treated and relieved pain and aided in much-needed relief.

Those who use medical marijuana instead of prescription medications often find that side effects are greatly reduced or eliminated, and they can get back to enjoying hobbies or socialization they had previously avoided. Medical marijuana can help patients improve their relationships, careers, and creative endeavors—all without the harmful effects of damaging opioids.

Medical marijuana vs Pills

Does Legalizing Medical Marijuana Lead to Abuse?

Many people fear that by legalizing medical marijuana, there will be an overwhelming increased usage by the general population across the board.  But proponents of legal medical marijuana argue that the control of it as a legal substance can be much more efficient than an uncontrolled illegal street drug.

Examples of age limits, such as with the sale of liquor and cigarettes and even with over the counter cough syrup, will ensure that the abuse of legalized medical marijuana can be limited and or controlled.  Legalizing medical marijuana will also encourage the education of its usage and a better knowledge by the public.

Will Legalizing Marijuana Lead to a Health or Economic Crisis?

Additionally, it is proven that marijuana is a lot less damaging and addictive than tobacco and alcohol.  Evidence overwhelming suggests that marijuana is not overly harmful and offers little risk of damage to the body compared to cirrhosis of the liver in alcohol abusers and lung cancer in cigarette smokers.  On the contrary, the benefits of medical marijuana usage far outweigh the many proven benefits of its usage.

Outlawing medical marijuana can have adverse economic and sociological results. By encouraging the prohibition of medical marijuana, much like the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920’s, the dollars used to support police staff to seek, arrest, charge and imprison marijuana users could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is money better spent in other areas.

Add to that dollar figure all of the man hours used by police and staff to eradicate medical cannabis usage that will take away from much more urgent issues that could have dire consequences. And what of those arrested?  Using medical marijuana to treat seizures resulting in an arrest could have damaging, irreversible consequences such as job loss, inability to rent a home all based upon a permanent arrest record.

Arresting cannabis users has shown no real benefit to society as a whole. Consider that an estimated 30 million American use marijuana each year.  Just how expensive and taxing would those arrests be on an already stretched-thin police infrastructure?  There are no true benefits to such arrests as marijuana usage has not been shown to lead to harmful, aggressive or violent social behavior.  Marijuana users are not typically labeled dangerous, yet just the opposite.  The cannabis high does not induce violence or encourage criminal activity. And the idea that marijuana usage leads to the abuse of other drugs, citing a gateway effect, was disproven years ago.

Medical Marijuana Legalization Will Continue

It’s been proven in the states that have legalized medical marijuana that doing so does not lead to economic or health crises and that it is effective in helping patients lead happier and healthier lifestyles. In fact, states that have legalized medical marijuana have seen a reduction in opioid addiction as many are turning to the alternative treatment of marijuana over more dangerous treatment methods.

Currently there are more than 10 states considering bills to legalize medical marijuana. And despite more than 20 years of anecdotal evidence about the medicinal effects of marijuana, doctors and consumers remain in search of answers about the many benefits and elimination of myths and untruths.  In general, findings show that there is a growing support of physicians and general population consumers for use of medical marijuana as a treatment option.


Medical marijuana has been legal in California since 1996. Currently, you may legally purchase medical marijuana with a state-issued ID card at any legal dispensary in the state. To obtain an ID card, you can get a recommendation from your physician or you can do it quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home by visiting a legitimate medical marijuana online clinic. If you have any questions about using medical marijuana in your treatment regimen or if you would like to obtain your state-issued ID card online, please visit our website