Medical Marijuana in New York

Medical Marijuana in New York

Having lived most of my life in California, I consider myself to be quite progressive regarding medical marijuana. As an English professor, my students generally sat with their chins to the floor when we discussed issues on marijuana legalization. My stance has always been that it never should have been illegalized in the first place, but the worst disgrace is the hindrance its illegalization has put on those who could benefit from it medicinally.

Because of its classification by the federal government as a schedule 1 drug and non marijuana smokers’ misunderstanding of the drug, it has been poorly researched, misused and, to be frank, underused. For example, my dad is a 76-year-old man suffering from prostate cancer who refuses to use marijuana to help with his pain, claiming that it has no medical benefits, is illegal, and addictive. My dad at 76 is afraid of becoming a “pot head”. Instead, he spends much of his time drugged up on a medication that could damage his liver and says on the label that death may be a sudden side-effect.

That is why when I started educating myself on New York’s stance on medicinal cannabis, I was quite shocked. Granted, as one of the more recent states to legalize its use for medicinal purposes, compared to California which in 1996 legalized it for medicinal purposes and just recently for recreational use, New Yorker’s views on its use will change as it becomes more understood and new research is performed.

Even I, a proponent of medical cannabis card legalization and someone who has been around marijuana whether as a smoker or not most of my life, have my own hesitations. I don’t want to smell like it and will excuse myself from situations where it fills a room. I’m both hesitant at the thought of children using it and at the same time excited to learn about medical marijuana’s positive benefits to children suffering from severe and violent epileptic seizures.

Furthermore, while I believe it should be legal for recreational use, I have seen its gross misuse as a medicinal drug by perfectly healthy individuals who over exaggerate pain so that they can obtain a medical marijuana card and use cannabis legally. In fact, I get aggravated at those that flaunt their legal rights to use in the face of the law by promoting it on social media, setting it in front of them in public places, and advertising their right to smoke medical cannabis just because they can. I don’t begrudge them their right to receive help, and I do believe that it should be de-stigmatized, but I also don’t blatantly place my thyroid medication on the counter at a restaurant for everyone to see claiming I have a right to this medication. To those people I say, “Yes, you have the right, but in trying to give its use dignity you flaunt and immature attitude that takes the seriousness out of its legalization and use.”

New York’s Restrictions on Medical Marijuana Use

Medical Marijuana in New York

When I see some of the struggle and restrictions New York has regarding medical marijuana cards, I am reminded of California’s early years as one of the first states along with Colorado and Washington to legalize medical marijuana. Those states have paved the way for others to follow. Unfortunately, New York had a rough start. As the state with the most restrictive laws on medical cannabis, patients in this state have had a difficult time getting their relief while non-registered users can simply ask around—it is easier for a minor to get marijuana than alcohol. Some of the initial restrictions included

  • Restricting its use to those with “severe debilitating or life threatening conditions” eliminating patients with other conditions from getting its benefits.
  • Patients can only get a recommendation from a licensed New York MMJ doctor whose specialty is included in the listed conditions.
  • Physicians must undergo a training program. The training program is both time consuming and costly.
  • Limiting the number of dispensaries to twenty in the state, requiring people in some areas to travel long distances to get their medication.
  • Allowing only weed extracts. Because so much of the plant is required to make small amounts of oils and tinctures, the price for medical marijuana has been driven up. In addition, some of the healing properties that smoking marijuana provides don’t exist in medicinal marijuana for New Yorkers.

Some of these regulations are loosening to make it easier on patients who can benefit from the properties in the plant, including a program that allows nurse practitioners and physician assistants the ability to recommend a patient for a medical marijuana card, a home delivery program to help those unable to travel, and the addition of chronic pain and PTSD to the qualifying conditions list. Law makers are quickly seeing the flaws in the program and are making changes to remedy those problems.

Conditions that Medical Cannabis Can Help NY patients

One of the flaws is that they don’t understand its medicinal properties, nor do they have the research necessary to convince them that allowing an open approach to legalization is a risk worth taking. The main medicinal properties in marijuana include THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). THC is believe to increase appetite, reduce inflammation and pain, and relax muscles. CBD has similar effects without the ability to give the person taking it the high they get from THC. In addition, marijuana has over 400 other chemicals. However, because of lack of research, it isn’t certain how these chemical may help in other ways. We do know, on the other hand, that it does help with the following conditions which are listed on the approved conditions list in New York:

  • Cancer: Medical marijuana not only relieves cancer patients with a medical marijuana license from pain and helps relieve the side effects of chemotherapy by decreasing nausea and increasing their appetite, but medical cannabis is also believed to prevent cancer from spreading. In fact, some studies suggest that it may even kill cancer cells.
  • HIV/AIDS: Relieves pain caused by the illness and improves appetite.
  • ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease): ALS patients see many benefits from medical marijuana use including decreased inflammation, less drooling, relaxed muscles, and increase appetite. The most impressive benefit, however, is that it slows the progression of the disease.
  • Parkinson’s: Individuals with a medical cannabis card will find relief from tremors in Parkinson’s sufferers.
  • Multiple Sclerosis: Medical cannabis relaxes the muscles preventing them from contracting and causing pain.
  • Spinal Cord Damage: In addition to providing to relief from pain, it also appears to help with bladder and bowel control as well as spasticity that cause muscle tightness and soreness.
  • Epilepsy: Used to control violent seizures by binding to the brain cells that causes them.
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease: By changing the chemistry in the gut, medical marijuana blocks the messages that the gut sends to the brain which in turn reduces symptoms.
  • Nerve Damage: Patients who have medical marijuana licenses can use cannabis to help manage pain.
  • Huntington’s disease: New York medical marijuana doctors can recommend it to slow the progression of Huntington’s disease by protecting the neurons in the brain.
  • PTSD: Calms the patient by reducing fear and anxiety. It also may prevent nightmares.
  • Chronic Pain: A New York Medical marijuana doctors can recommend it to reduce both inflammation and pain to their patients.

Unfortunately, because of New York’s tight restrictions, many people dealing with other illnesses continue to suffer. Some additional conditions that the use of medical cannabis can help with include

  • Glaucoma: By releasing pressure in the eye ball, medical marijuana can prevent optic nerve damage that impairs vision.
  • Hepatitis C: Eases the painful side effects caused by hepatitis C treatments allowing patients to finish their treatment.
  • Arthritis: New York MMJ doctors can recommend it for reduction of pain by lowering inflammation.
  • Lupus: Relieves patients of the symptoms caused by Lupus.
  • Alzheimer: Slows the formation of the plaques that kill brain cells in Alzheimer patients.
  • Stroke: Protects the brain from further damage after a stroke.
  • Anxiety Disorders: Relieves stress and calms the individual.
  • Weight loss: While marijuana is known to induce the munchies causing individuals to eat more, studies also show that it may counteract the effects if excess caloric intake by increasing the body’s metabolism

Finally, it is believed that marijuana can decrease alcohol and prescription opioid addictions and other medications that have harmful side effects by replacing alcohol and medications with marijuana. In fact, in the states where marijuana has been legalized for recommendation by a New York medical marijuana doctor, emergency room visits for opiate overdoses has decreased. While continued marijuana use can lead to marijuana use disorder it is much less harmful as its side effects include temporary dizziness, sleepiness, short-term memory loss, and euphoria. It is considered generally safe when used under the care of a licensed New York MMJ Doctor.

New York Loosens Its Grip on Medical Marijuana Laws

It is the California attitude about marijuana that has many New York law makers working so hard to restrict its use. But things in the laws will change as New York grows with the law. Since the state passed the Compassionate Care Act in 2014, there have already been some changes. For example,

  • It will be easier for people who are homebound to get medicinal marijuana as laws will now allow more and more dispensaries to begin to provide delivery to medical cannabis card
  • The state will offer a $50 financial hardship waiver to help individuals who can’t afford the medical marijuana license registration fees.
  • Chronic pain was added to the list and PTSD could soon be added to the list of approved conditions. In addition, the state recognizes that there are additional conditions that can benefit from the use of medicinal marijuana and will review them as more research is performed and prove to show its benefits.
  • Physician Assistants can get certified to recommend patients for a medical cannabis card making it easier for patients to locate a qualified New York MMJ doctor.
  • Marijuana is now used in certified nursing homes to help the elderly with chronic pain and other problems that come with aging.

Twenty-one years after California passed its own laws on medicinal cannabis, we now have a better understanding of the medication and its benefits to patients as more and more research is performed and data is gathered. Perhaps that and determined advocates is why so many other states have followed suit. Currently, twenty-nine states and Washington DC that have legalized medical marijuana with fourteen more expected to add laws legalizing medicinal marijuana use to their state law books.

If you are a New York resident with a condition that medicinal marijuana can help with, you have a legal right to get medical marijuana license. However, there are things you should know regarding the laws. In addition to the conditions list and other regulations already stated, as a patient you can

  • Posses no more than 2.5 ounces.
  • It must be kept out of the public view.
  • With a few exceptions, it can’t be used in public non-smoking areas.
  • Patients are required to have a valid medical marijuana card as recommended by a certified New York medical cannabis doctor.
  • Medical cannabis purchases can only be made through a registered organization such as a pharmacy, nursing home, dispensary, or hospital.
  • If needed, you can designate another individual as a caregiver. This person must be over 21 years old, is limited to five patients, must carry a medical marijuana card for each patient, and has to be registered through the Department of Health.

If you or someone you know would benefit from the use of medicinal marijuana for one of the items listed on the current approved conditions list, relief is but a phone call away. Our Tele Health platform connects NY patients and NY doctors to see if medical marijuana can benefit your health.  If you are a licensed NY doctor give us a call, we can help you .


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ZenMD is a digital healthcare platform for the medical cannabis industry, servicing clients throughout the USA and Canada. Since 2016 patients from California received an amazing opportunity to speak to many licensed doctors thru our user-friendly application. As off 2017, we are adding more states like New York, Colorado, Washington, Florida, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan and counties like Canada, Australia, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Austria and many more.  ZenMD’s medical marijuana app and online system allows patients to meet face-to-face with a licensed physician to discuss their medical condition using their smart phone or device. This allows a way to receive and renew their Medical Marijuana Card from any location.  Patients can also access ZenMD on a computer using a browser and a webcam.


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Rest at ease and order your Medical Marijuana Card from home… MMJ Cannabis Cure!


These days, you can meet with a doctor, receive your medical marijuana card online and even have pot delivered to your door without leaving the comfort of your own home… But is it safe? I did the research for you and am happy to report that I have good news. The process is easy, safe and confidential! In this article I will outline the most common concerns with an explanation of what to be aware of so that you can rest at ease.


The actual online process is easy breezy. First, you sign up and schedule an appointment with a licensed doctor. Sites such as allow you to connect with a doctor immediately. Next, you fill out a medical form and attend your scheduled appointment. If qualified, you receive a medical card in the mail within 1-2 business days. That’s it! I told you it was as easy as pie… easier actually!


So, as it turns out, any licensed physician or osteopath can legally authorize the use of MMJ and recommend a medical marijuana card online. Once approved, you receive a ‘Doctor’s Recommendation’. This states that you have a medical condition qualifying you for the legal use of medical marijuana. With this document, you can legally purchase marijuana at a dispensary.

Be sure to seek fully licensed physicians who are informed about the medical use of cannabis. Before selecting your doctor, do a little research. Read doctor reviews and ratings. It is good to be sure your physician has a deep knowledge of medicinal marijuana and is comfortable with recommending it as a treatment.

TIP: Don’t forget to order your wallet sized ID Card! It is easy to carry and acceptable at most dispensaries. I do suggest that you carry a hard copy of your recommendation for your first visit to a new dispensary… just in case!


Next, in order to be sure that your information is safe, check a few factors. Each system should be maintained by an encrypted, secure HIPAA* certified system. This ensures that your records are kept 100% confidential. Your information is completely private to you and the doctor you consult with. Calm down scaredy pants… By Law, doctor-patient confidentiality prohibits the police, DMV, health insurance companies and employers from accessing your medical records without your written permission. Phew!

*HIPAA means that the system meets or exceed all federal requirements for protecting Patient Health Information (PHI) under the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).


Finally, some people who qualify for their medical card online choose not to pursue treatment because they fear they might end up on some sort of a “master list” of marijuana users. I am happy to inform you that no such list exists. Your patient status will remain confidential. No need to be paranoid. There is no consolidated database that the DEA uses to conduct raids or employers can access during background checks.

To sum it all up, you can rest assured that it is safe, secure and confidential to order your medical card online. Go ahead and sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home. The process is simple and easy. With a little research you will safely be able to reap the many benefits and medicinal treatments marijuana has to offer. Go make yourself a pie! You deserve it.


How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online

In the past few years, laws on medicinal marijuana have undergone drastic changes. In fact, since California’s legalization of medical marijuana in 1996, twenty-seven other states as well as the District of Columbia have followed suit giving physicians the right to recommend medical marijuana use to patients with certain medical conditions and those patients a state sanctioned legal right to use it. Additionally, eight states including California have legalized it for recreational use.


For those seeking its use for medicinal purposes, that’s great news. With its decriminalization, those in pain now can have a safe, easy to obtain, 420 evaluations online resource without the previous stigmas. When you get your marijuana card online, no one needs to know, and your privacy is protected. Online marijuana doctors are here to help.


You might wonder “if marijuana for medicinal use has become so accepted, why would I need a medical marijuana card?”


  • Legal: While marijuana for medical use is legal under some state laws, recreational use under most is not. Furthermore, even with the passing of California’s Proposition 64 that allows its recreational use, purchasing the substance legally for recreational use but without a medicinal marijuana card will not be available until January 2018. Having a card offers protection from the state laws in which it was issued. And while it is still not federally legal, amendments to federal laws have changed the way in which federal prosecutors make prosecution decisions. These amendments make suggestions that discourage prosecutors from pursuing minor federal offenses. (For more information see “Court Bars Feds from Prosecuting Medical Marijuana Cases.”)[1]
  • Natural Medicine: Marijuana is a natural herb that cultures around the world have been using for thousands of years as a remedy for medical ailments. Currently, it is being prescribed by mmj doctors online for neck and back pain, migraines and headaches, sleeping, depression, and anxiety disorders, glaucoma, nausea, HIV/AIDS, and cancer among many other illnesses.
  • Side Effects: While marijuana does have some side effects, the substance leaves a lower impact on the body than many pharmaceutical drugs which can damage the liver, lead to internal bleeding, or cause nausea which is an ironic turnaround considering medicinal marijuana is often prescribed for the relief of nausea.
  • Dispensaries: Many cities have opened dispensaries where you can legally purchase medicinal marijuana by simply having a card. These dispensaries, the exact number in California is unknown but there are 28 in San Francisco and nearly 1,000 in Los Angles, offer special strains that allow you to select cannabis based on the conditions you are trying to relieve. Some of the dispensaries offer clean, high-end environments in which patients can browse the products and smoke areas where they can medicate on site. Furthermore, they often have it in a variety of forms such as hard candies, cookies, and ice cream, making it possible to medicate without the side effects of smoking including lung damage and the lingering scent. Most important is that the dispensaries get their supplies from known sources, not the guy on the streets.
  • Growing: With a license, you can let your green thumb work for you saving you money. In California, card holders are allowed to have up to six mature plants or 12 immature plants for personal use.
  • Community support: Finally, when you get your medical marijuana license, you are showing support for further decriminalization of the plant.


Why You Should Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online


Just a few years ago, patients had to wait for a doctor to come to town where they would meet with lines of patients in hotel rooms and charge them as much as $400 to issue a license. By contacting an mmj doctor online, you don’t have to feel like a criminal just to get your medical marijuana. In fact, other benefits of seeing an online medical marijuana doctor include


  • Cost: Online marijuana doctors don’t incur the expenses that travelling doctors once had to deal with. As a result, the patient also sees some of those savings passed on to them.
  • Privacy: With 420 evaluations online, you can get your marijuana card online in the privacy of your own home by seeing an online medical marijuana doctor.
  • Time: In a matter of twenty minutes, you can fill out your application, submit your payment information, and talk to an mmj doctor online.


Why See One of Our Online Medical Marijuana Doctors


  • All our online marijuana doctors are county licensed physicians specializing in the treatment of medical marijuana use.
  • Our online medical marijuana doctors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • 100% Money back guarantee. No recommendation—no fee.
  • Our Offices follow all HIPAA Privacy laws and uses a 100% secure HIPAA certified system.
  • A digital copy of your online medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation is sent immediately to your email account after your 420 evaluation online.
  • Your official marijuana card with Photo ID is shipped within 1-3 days.
  • Our low price of $49 for a renewal and $69 for a first time visit makes getting your marijuana card online an easy financial choice.
  • A California ID is not required to get a marijuana card online. We work with alternative forms of ID.


420 Evaluations Online Make Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card Easy


Your appointment with an online medical marijuana doctor may feel odd at first, but it is much like a regular doctor’s visit. It’s confidential with a licensed doctor who is qualified to offer suggestions regarding your health. It’s also very easy and quick, taking no more than twenty minutes.


Here’s how to get a medical marijuana card online in 4 easy steps.

  1. Make an appointment: You select a day and time that works for your schedule. You can also elect to see an mmj doctor online
  2. Confirm your appointment and enter payment method: Prior to your appointment, you will be prompted to answer questions regarding your health and conditions that might benefit from medicinal marijuana use. You will also be prompted to enter a secured payment method. However, you will not be billed unless your recommendation is approved.
  3. Attend your appointment: During your appointment, your online medical marijuana doctor will discuss your medical conditions and review your records to verify that you would benefit from the use of medical marijuana. Your doctor will also advise you on its use.
  4. Get your digital recommendation and official card: After your appointment is over, you will immediately receive a copy of the doctor’s recommendation conveniently in your email, and your official medical marijuana card will be shipped within 1-3 days.


When you know how to get a medical marijuana card online, you have the freedom to get your medication in the privacy of your own home.


Rights Given to Medical Marijuana Card Holders


Upon receiving your recommendation, you will have many legal rights regarding the use of medical marijuana that were previously unavailable to you. For example,


  • Patients over 18 can purchase medicinal marijuana from a dispensary or from a delivery service. Patients under 18 can obtain medicinal marijuana through a registered parental caregiver.
  • Card holders can legally have as much as eight ounces on their persons.
  • Card holders can legally grow marijuana for their personal use. They are allowed to have six mature plants or 12 immature plants. However, with the appropriate license, some growers may possess as much as 99 plants.
  • Medical marijuana card holders don’t have to pay sales tax at dispensaries for their medication.
  • Cards must be renewed annually to maintain validity.


While it does pay to have a medical marijuana card, there are a number of situations in which having a card does not protect you legally.


  • Public Places: The laws do not give you the freedom to smoke marijuana in public places unless local ordinances allow it. This includes theatres and restaurants, within 1,000 feet of a school or day care, or in designated non-smoking areas.
  • Employment: Your employer still has the right to test for marijuana consumption and can release you from employment based on a positive test result. However, many employers are compassionate regarding its use for certain illnesses.
  • Housing: It is illegal to smoke or possess marijuana on federally owned or controlled property. For those living in federally subsidized housing and section 8, having a card holds no protection against eviction based on marijuana use.
  • Federal Conviction: As marijuana is still considered a Schedule 1 drug by the federal government, and as federal laws can override state laws, the federal law can and may convict patients for medical marijuana possession. The good news is that with the growing acceptance of medicinal marijuana, the federal government has been instructed to refrain from prosecuting minor cases and those following state laws regarding medical marijuana use.


While the law does not protect you in these instances, you still have rights that are protected under California law and the US Supreme Court. Namely, that according to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), your medical information and any conversations you have with one of our online medical marijuana doctors is confidential and protected.


Seeing MMJ Doctors Online Is Legal


Getting medical services over telecommunications systems is not a new invention. For over 40 years, telehealth laws have made it possible for patients to consult with doctors in the privacy of their own homes whether it is over the phone or online. Thanks to telehealth laws and current technology, not only is seeing online marijuana doctors legal, it is also the preferred method of getting a recommendation for patients in remote areas or patients whose medical conditions keep them confined to their homes.


In fact, telemedicine services allow patients to consult with their physician to get a live video diagnosis and treatment. They can also attend follow-up appointments, get medical education, and instructional advice.


With the use of current technology, you can fill out your paperwork and pay online using a secured payment method. You can also meet with a doctor in the privacy of your own home through video conferencing. Following your appointment, you are immediately issued in your email a temporary recommendation that can be used at some but not all dispensaries, and within a few days, your card will arrive in the mail. Telehealth has made how to get your medical marijuana card online an easy process.


You Deserve Relief from Pain


A patient in need of medical marijuana help should never be turned away from a doctor. However, many doctors aren’t aware of the medical benefits of medical marijuana and in some cases the laws regarding their recommending it, making them reluctant to approve of its use. For some, the concern is a lack of research on the substance as a medical treatment. This lack comes from many years of its criminalization making it illegal to research it for medical purposes. Essentially, there is a knowledge gap about accurate dosage, benefits, and side effects that causes some doctors hesitation.


However, that is quickly changing. Since its legalization for medicinal use over twenty years ago, doctors have received and reviewed many testimonies from patients who use medical marijuana for illnesses such as epilepsy, cancer, AIDS/HIV, crones disease, and multiple sclerosis. Because of these testimonies, foundations such as The Epilepsy Foundation have rallied for regulations to loosen, allowing physicians and researchers to perform proper studies to determine the drug’s long term effects.


A medical marijuana card from an online medical marijuana doctor, as from any doctor, is not a prescription but rather it is a recommendation suggesting that its holder would benefit medically from the use of marijuana. As a federally recognized Schedule 1 drug, it is illegal for physicians to issue a prescription for the substance. However, thanks to the First Amendment which protects all U.S. citizens giving them the freedom of speech, online medical marijuana doctors are free to issue recommendations as they see fit.

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