The History of EMR & How MMJ Dispensaries Have Improved

The History of EMR & How MMJ Dispensaries Have Improved

The history of electronic medical records actually goes back all the way to the 1960s. During this time, electronic medical records still had quite a few of problems. It was a breakthrough in medical recording, but the technology behind EMR was still not developed enough.

The real improvements came when computers and other electronic devices started to get improved and the computer era boomed. Once that happened, electronic medical records started to see drastic improvements and the implementation began.  Still, it was not a concrete situation and EMR were still being used at a limited degree.  By the 2000s, computers were becoming more advanced and were able to operate more software. They also were becoming less expensive and more companies were starting to purchase computers with software to improve efficiency. Healthcare organizations also realize that the transition from paper to electronic devices was the way to go.  In the last five years, patients rarely ever see any type of file. Everything is done from a tablet or a computer. Even medical marijuana dispensaries agree, EMR are saving time and expenses have also decreased from the switch.  More space can be used for products and customers.


MMJ Dispensaries

Online Medical Marijuana Doctors at ZenMd.Net
Online Medical Marijuana Doctors at ZenMd.Net

It has taken many years for the medical marijuana industry to allow certain states to start selling marijuana at dispensaries. These particular dispensaries are under strict guidelines and rules, but for the most part – the medical marijuana dispensaries and recreational marijuana dispensaries have become a billion-dollar industry. Therefore, electronic medical records have been an essential part of this development. There have been so many patients and people going to these establishments, that the only way anything would be managed, was by EMR software. There was no way that all of these transactions could be managed properly and kept track of, unless a sophisticated system was developed just for dispensaries.

Over time, technology and software creators have really figured out a way to make software work for the benefit of the medical marijuana dispensaries. Now, a person can walk into a medical marijuana establishment and be able to give their phone number or even their name. An account is then retrieved and all of the history can be viewed. This is great for people that cannot remember what they have purchased. Also, this account information can be great for notifications. One of the biggest parts of MMJ dispensaries: sales! These places are making a great deal of money, so advertising and notifications to all of the customers is important. A customer can have their cell phone or email listed on their account and receive a notification for a promotional code or if a medical marijuana dispensary is having a sale.


Another part of the MMJ dispensary world is tracking the inventory. These dispensaries are carefully monitored constantly, so an accurate inventory count is important. The marijuana that is brought into a dispensary is logged in under the inventory. When a sale occurs, this information has to be 100% accurate. Good MMJ software is going to make the process easy and manageable. The worst part about bad software is when a salesperson is trying to punch in a sale, but can’t operate the software. Some MMJ software just isn’t user-friendly and can be an overly complicated process. Now, the best MMJ software is at the touch of a finger on the screen. It really has become that easy and when the sale is complete, there is an adjustment in the inventory. Try IndicaOnline – one of the best solutions for medical marijuana industry on market right now.

Security is another important part of any type of MMJ software.  Most MMJ software is going to be HIPAA compliant that meets all security protocol and in some cases will exceed the security standards. This is important for patient medical records and for all data transmission. The software will protect all records in a maximum security data center that has 256-bit SSL file encryption and it also has security protection. The other major benefit is the fact that, there is no paper when it comes to EMR. Unless something is actually printed out, everything is done electronically and the potential for any data information to fall into the wrong hands is next to impossible.

The MMJ software will generally come with hardware that can be set up by a dispensary manager or an actual representative from the software company will come do the installation process. This is a perfect time for a training session and the representative can answer questions about how to operate the program. These devices are similar to a cash register and they always have the latest in technology, so dispensaries can rest assured, they are operating with up-to-date information.

MMJ software can also track staff hours. This is an excellent feature, because having multiple devices trying to track inventory, reports, and employee hours can get complicated quickly.  Having one software program handling everything in the marijuana dispensary can be ideal. It also allows employees to focus on the sales part of the store.

The best part about getting the right MMJ EMR software is in case a dispensary decides to open another location, doing a new set up is not going to be a difficult process. Software can be easily integrated into a new store and the software can also maintain other locations. This is the time where it is best to have a software representative assist with the transitioning. The inventory needs to be accurate and also all of the reports need to be carefully maintained.  MMJ dispensaries are opening up all over the United States constantly. Each state that does not have a medical marijuana dispensary will eventually, just because the MMJ industry is such a huge moneymaker. While there are many rules and regulations, dispensaries are extremely well managed. The software is an essential part of making sure that a MMJ follows all the rules and keeps accurate reports. Sales are constantly improving at dispensaries, therefore all of the software and having accurate EMR are important.

Recreational Marijuana is still illegal in California so you still need your medical marijuana card  to buy medical pot. Thanks to ZenMd app it takes minutes to get your cannabis card online from a licensed cannabis doctor or you can always stop by and talk to our medical marijuana doctors in-person

Online Medical Marijuana Doctors
Online Medical Marijuana Doctors


Online Medical Marijuana Scams: 420Evaluations and MMJDoctorOnline

Online Medical Marijuana Scams: 420Evaluations and MMJDoctorOnline

Why MmjDoctorOnline scam
Why MmjDoctorOnline scam

Do you live in the state of California and want to use medical marijuana to treat a medical condition such as chronic pain, anxiety, IBS, or the side effects of cancer treatments? Medical marijuana use is legal in California with a state-issued ID card provided by a licensed physician. This card allows patients to purchase marijuana from any approved dispensary in the state. It also allows them to grow marijuana in their own homes for personal medical use.

The good news is that obtaining your state-issued ID card is easy and efficient. In fact, it can even be done from the comfort of your own home by visiting an online site such as When you visit a legitimate site such as ours, you get knowledgeable customer service from an experienced team and a recommendation from a state-licensed physician. In addition, you get service after your recommendation in the form of law enforcement protection, a replacement recommendation, and more.

The bad news is that many unscrupulous sites have sprung up to take advantage of those who want to use medical marijuana in their treatment plan. These sites, such as 420Evaluations and MMJDoctorOnline purposefully choose names for their sites that are similar to legitimate sites in the attempt to scam customers. These sites do no have licensed physicians who work for them and the cards they issue are fake.

If you live in California and want to obtain your legal ID card so you can purchase medical marijuana, it’s imperative that you know how to spot a scam. Here are some red flags to watch out for.

There is No Physician On Staff

Online medical marijuana clinics must have a board-certified physician on staff who provides the recommendation that leads to an ID card. If the recommendation is issued by anyone other than a certified physician, it is invalid. Whether you obtain your recommendation in person at a clinic or online at a site such as, you must be evaluated by a licensed physician. This includes being evaluated (either in person or having your symptoms and possible medical records evaluated) and getting your actual medical marijuana recommendation.

When you work with a board-certified physician to obtain your legal ID card, you know you are working with a professional who is in accordance with county and state regulations that are mandated under the medical marijuana laws of California. Not only will this ensure that your ID card is valid at any legal dispensary and with any law enforcement professionals, but it will also give you peace of mind that you have a knowledgeable expert on your side. Your medical marijuana doctor should not only provide you with a valid recommendation, but he or she should also act as a guide in your medical marijuana treatment. This involves answering questions and providing service after you receive your recommendation and subsequent ID card.

Scam sites like MMJDoctorOnline and 420Evaluations do not have licensed physicians on staff. This means the advice they give (if any) may not be accurate or safe. It also means that any recommendations they offer or ID cards they issue will not be valid in the eyes of the law. They may not be accepted at legal dispensaries and, if law enforcement attempts to detain you, you may be in violation of the law.

Many scam sites employ physicians assistants instead of licensed physicians in their clinics. These assistants are the ones who perform any gathering of information, evaluations, and subsequent recommendations. These are not legal. Recommendations and evaluations can only legally be performed by board-licensed physicians in the state of California when it comes to medical marijuana.

They Provide No Ongoing Service

Our licensed physicians at MMJDoctor are committed to helping our patients utilize medical marijuana in their treatment programs to ease pain and anxiety and help achieve a better quality of life. This means we do not just issue recommendations and cards, it means we also provide continued service on your medical marijuana journey. This includes a free protection package that includes replacement medical marijuana recommendations, law enforcement protection, replacement of your ID card, copies of your medical marijuana records, court documentation evaluation, medical marijuana subpoena processing, and any subsequent visits.

Scam sites such as 420 Evaluations and MMJDoctorOnline are not interested in helping patients with their medical marijuana treatment plans. They are only interested in getting your money when you order one of their fake ID cards. When you visit the site, try asking the customer service representatives questions and see how they are answered. Are they pushing for the sale or do they truly seem to be interested in providing information? Ask them if you can get in touch with them after you receive your ID card in case you have questions or problems with law enforcement. Pay close attention to how they respond to your requests as you will usually see red flags from scam sites.

They ‘Prescribe’ Medical Marijuana

Marijuana, even for medical purposes, is still considered a Schedule 1 drug. This means it may not be legally prescribed by any medical marijuana or other doctor. Your licensed medical marijuana physician may only recommend that you use marijuana in your treatment plan and approve your state-issued ID card. Scam sites such as MMJDoctorOnline and 420Evaluations use language that includes the word ‘prescribe’. If you hear that word, it’s a good sign that you are not working with a legitimate site and should go elsewhere.

It’s imperative that you work with a legitimate medical marijuana clinic when using marijuana in your treatment plan. While it’s convenient in the state of California to go online to get your state-issued ID card, patients should be aware of scam sites such as 420Evaluations and MMJDoctorOnline that have recently cropped up to take advantage of them. If you have questions about what conditions qualify for treatment with medical marijuana or if you’d like to obtain your legal ID card online, please visit our website.

MmjDoctorOnline Scam! Get your card at ZenMd.Net
MmjDoctorOnline Scam! Get your card at ZenMd.Net

Medical Marijuana vs. Prescription Drugs: Why Marijuana Comes Out on Top

Medical Marijuana vs. Prescription Drugs: Why Marijuana Comes Out on Top

More research is being done that proves medical marijuana to be an effective treatment for conditions that cause chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, and a host of other adverse symptoms. Individuals who use marijuana to treat everything from post-traumatic stress disorder to cancer to fibromyalgia swear by the effectiveness of the herb and its ability to reduce pain and improve overall well-being.

Fortunately for these individuals and millions of others who can benefit from its therapeutic use, medical marijuana is now legal in 29 states including California. In the golden state, anyone possessing a state-issued medical marijuana ID card can legally purchase marijuana from any dispensary in the state as well as grow it in their home for personal use. An ID card is easily obtained online by getting approval from a licensed physician.

California residents who have a condition that can be medically treated by marijuana often wonder if they would be better off using the herb or to use prescription medication. Many doctors still recommend prescription drugs as their main method of treatment and continue to renew prescriptions for their patients on a regular basis. Do you wonder whether you should use marijuana or prescriptions in your treatment plan or if would you like to explore marijuana as an alternative to your present prescriptions? Here are just a few reasons why medical marijuana comes out on top.

 It Can Treat the Disease as Well as the Symptoms

 In most cases, prescription drugs are used only to treat symptoms of underlying diseases or conditions by masking pain. Medical marijuana, however, can actually help treat some diseases while also helping the individual manage symptoms. In the case of cancer, for example, cannabis can kill cancer cells and inhibit the growth of tumors. Whether used in combination with more aggressive forms of treatment like chemotherapy and radiation or on its own, marijuana can be effective in making a cancer patient feel better as well as fight their disease.

No Danger of Overdose

 Prescription drug abuse is a big problem in the United States and it is estimated that more than 17,000 deaths per year are the result of prescription overdoses. This number is greater than More than 50 million Americans use prescription drugs for uses other than medical, and addiction to opioids affects those as young as 12 years old.

As of 2017, there have been no known overdoses of medical marijuana. In addition, it is much more likely for individuals to become addicted to heroin or cocaine based on opioid use than marijuana use as opioids are derived from the same source as harder illegal drugs.

Prescription overdose

Fewer Dangerous Side Effects

One of the biggest drawbacks of prescription medication is the multitude of side effects ranging from constipation to fatigue and everything in between. Many people also develop a tolerance to their dosage of painkillers, which makes them continually up their dosage to experience the same effects. This leads to even more serious side effects and can cause other conditions that then need to be treated—often with more prescriptions medications.

Prescription drugs can be also be life threatening. Some prescriptions increase the risk of developing additional problems like deadly brain infections. Others, like drugs used to treat multiple sclerosis, work by blocking white blood cells. Since these cells protect the body from infection and disease, the inhibition of them can lead to more damage than the originally disease they are meant to treat.

Medical marijuana is not without side effects, of course, but they are generally much less dangerous and easier to manage. Common marijuana side effects are dizziness, lethargy, and low blood pressure, but much of this can be remedied by adjusting the dosage or percentage of THC in the drug. Medical marijuana has a lower percentage of THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, than its recreational counterpart and tends to produce fewer side effects.

 Long-Term Effects

 Long-term use of opioids includes decreased brain function, liver damage, hormonal dysfunction, and an overall weakening of the immune system. Those who try to stop taking opioids may also experience a number of negative side effects, especially if they have been on the drugs for a long period of time. Withdrawal symptoms can include muscle aches, anxiety, inability to sleep, high blood pressure, excessive sweating and more. This often leads individuals to begin taking the drugs again to deal with the symptoms, leading to a cycle of addiction.

Prescription Long Term effects - ZenMd
Prescription Long Term effects – ZenMd

Marijuana, on the other hand, has few long-term side effects, especially for individuals who take CBD-heavy medical marijuana. In fact, there is even emerging research that shows positive effects of medical marijuana on the temporal lobe of the brain. Most medical marijuana never experience any signs of addiction to the herb and do not have to deal with the problems of increased tolerance or withdrawals.

More Choices

With prescription drugs, you only have one choice: to take a pill (or multiple pills.) Some individuals are on so many medications that they are taking dozens of pills per day. If you don’t like taking pills or if they irritate your stomach, you don’t have many other options when it comes to prescriptions.

Medical marijuana comes in a variety of forms including vaporizing, smoking, and eating. This makes it easier to incorporate the drug into your everyday routine and find the delivery method that works best for your needs. When you work with a local dispensary, you can ask questions about the different forms that are available for purchase or for ways you can alter what you buy to make different forms of consumables. Remember to ask how altering the drug will change its chemical composition and/or potency so you can adjust for the proper dosage.

Medical Marijuana Cookies
Medical Marijuana Cookies

If you are considering or are currently using prescription medications to treat the symptoms of a disease or condition, you should look at medical marijuana as an alternative treatment option. Marijuana has fewer dangerous side effects, is more customized to your needs, and can even be more effective than prescription drugs. If you are interested in obtaining your ID card so you can legally buy medical marijuana, please reach out for more information.