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Our Mission

ZenMD was designed to allow you to receive quality healthcare easily from any location, at a time that works for you and at a price you can afford. ZenMD software and services have been purpose-built with your safety, security and well being as our priority. It is our mission to deliver the very best quality care so you can start feeling better immediately.

Meet our providers online

ZenMD licensed and credentialed physicians go through rigorous screening and training to help ensure the highest quality of care. We employ primary care physicians as well as specialists to meet the ongoing requirements of our patients. Our physicians do not replace your primary care physician, but will offer advice and prescriptions based on your scheduled session.

ZenMD licensed physicians are among the top doctors licensed to practice telemedicine. Our highly trained doctors are able to look, listen, analyze and interact with you in order to effectively diagnose and provide a treatment plan after consultation. Patients are encouraged to rate every single visit for ongoing quality assurance.

Quality & Oversight

At ZenMD, we want to provide you with the very best service and care. We are committed to ongoing quality assurance and continuous improvement. In order to achieve this, we have implemented a system that encourages users to rate their experience after each evaluation. These ratings give us valuable feedback that allows us to increase the quality of service. Physicians that receive bad ratings and reviews are removed from our system.

Each doctor is interviewed and carefully screened through a comprehensive credentialing process that includes a verification of their educational background, board certifications, training and licensure. All of this information is then verified by the NPDB (National Practitioner Data Bank).

Next, each candidate goes through training on how to safely and effectively care for patients using telemedicine technologies; they are also provided nearly 200 clinical protocols and other resource materials to assist them in their practice. For example, we have a clinical protocol around ankle injuries called the Ottawa Ankle Rules, which determines whether a patient needs x-rays or if they will heal on their own. During this training phase physicians also receive training on cultural competency, sensitivity and ZenMD policies and procedures.

Ongoing Quality Management

Finally, the physician leadership at ZenMD Professionals monitors each doctor’s performance and quality of care. This takes place in multiple forms, one of which is patient ratings. Patients can rate every single visit and leave comments. These comments reflect back to the provider their level of professionalism, service and the patient’s view on the level of helpfulness. All physicians also participate in a peer review program. This means that physicians score and rate the quality of care provided by their physician peers based on medical record reviews and other criteria. The peer review process leads to constant improvements in quality and helps ensure compliance with protocols and best practices.