Specialty Pot: Certain Types of Marijuana for Specific Ailments

If you’ve done any research on medical marijuana or visited a dispensary in the state of California, you’ve probably noticed the overwhelming number of types of marijuana to choose from. If you are at a dispensary with good customer service, the employees can help guide you to a strain that is best suited for your specific ailment. However, it’s always good to have some knowledge prior to your dispensary visit. Here is a primer on different types of medical marijuana and some examples of strains for specific ailments.

Medical marijuana includes two different species called Sativa and Indica. Breeding and cross-breeding these plants results in marijuana that has different concentrations of CBD (the non psychoactive portion of marijuana) and THC (the psychoactive portion that gives you a ‘high’). In general, Indica strains are better for pain relief while Sativa tends to work better for relaxation. Finding the right combination of the two is usually the key to choosing an effective strain.

Here are some examples of specific strains and what they are best known for treating.


The Avidekel strain was created specifically for the medical marijuana market and comes from Israel, where recreational marijuana is not legal. This is a high-CBD Indica strain with a THC content of only 1% and a CBD content of 15-20 %. This is a strain great for nighttime use and is effective for pain relief and insomnia. Other strains that work well on these ailments are Northern Lights and Afghani #1.

Avidekel Marijuana

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web was named after a young girl with a rare form of epilepsy that caused hundreds of seizures a month. Charlotte had tried numerous pharmaceutical treatments without any relief before turning to medical marijuana. The strain she used is a special high-CBD strain with 20% CBD and less than 0.5% of THC. During her first week using Charlotte’s Web, her seizures dropped from double digits to only two. Those with seizure disorders have also found relief with White Widow, a combination of South Indian Indica and South American Sativa, and Green Crack which is known for its ability to help patients focus.

Charlotte’s Web Marijuana

Girl Scout Cookies

High in THC (up to 24%), Girl Scout Cookies is favored by those suffering from intense pain from migraines, back injuries, or other chronic conditions. A Sativa-dominant hybrid, Girl Scout Cookies has an energizing as well as pain-reducing effect. Migraine sufferers also find relief with White Gold, Super Lemon Haze, and OG Kush, which is commonly available and has a powerful sedative effect.

Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana

One to One

With a unique 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, One to One is practical for a wide range of ailments but is especially effective for for those with muscle spasms. Providing consistent results, this is a good choice for those who cannot gain access to the pharmaceutical drug Sativex, which also has a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. Those who suffer from debilitating muscle spasms also experience relief from White Widow, Black Domina, and Apollo 11.

One to One Marijuana

Afghan Kush

A potent Indica strain, Afghan Kush has a THC content of 20% and is excellent for treating insomnia. This strain knocks out those who can’t sleep quickly and effectively, so it’s not a good choice for those who need to remain alert or awake for any reason. Those who have sleep disorders also use Northern Lights and Granddaddy Purple, which has high level of the sleep-inducing terpene myrcene.

It’s important to understand that Indica strains tend to induce sleepiness and relaxation while Sativa strains have more of an upper effect. You might also want to look for aged buds instead of fresh as they also tend to have more sedative properties.

Afghan Kush Marijuana


If you suffer from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, the 5:2 ratio of CBD to THC in the Harlequin strain might be right for you. Strains that have a high level of the limonene terpene are popular mood elevators, so Sativa strain Jack Herrer and hybrid Pineapple Express are also good choices.

Harlequin Marijuana

Durban Poison

Nausea can be debilitating, especially if it’s associated with chemotherapy treatments or an underlying disease. Medical marijuana has long been known as an effective medicine for nausea that features few of the negative side effects that traditional prescription medications have. Durban Poison, with its high THC content of 25%, is well-known for knocking out nausea while producing a euphoric high. Dutch Haze, Kandy Kush, and OG Kush, the perfect strain for evening use and widely used by those suffering from diseases that cause nausea and vomiting.

Durban Poison Marijuana

Maui Waui

Cannabinoid receptors in the eye react well with both THC and CBD to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with glaucoma as well as reducing eye pressure. Maui Waui is currently the most common strain used for those with glaucoma. Developed out of volcanic soil, this Sativa strain is good for those who have not yet tried medical marijuana as it has mild euphoric effects while still alleviating symptoms. Indica strain Pluto and hybrid Headband are also good choices for those who want a relaxing effect paired with the pain-killing and pressure-reduction.

Maui Waui Marijuana


Researchers have discovered that medical marijuana is especially effective in treating numerous types of arthritis. THC and CBD reduce inflammation and pain by activating CB2 receptor pathways. Medical marijuana is also a powerful antioxidant and neuroprotectant. The low THC and high CBD content of Cannatonic produces a mellow high that those with arthritis. The Indica strain Purple Kush and hybrid Big Bud are also good choices for those with muscle and joint pain.

Cannatonic Marijuana

Marijuana Card

Medical marijuana, including the strains above, is legal in the state of California with a state-issued ID card. The ID card allows you to visit any dispensary in the state and legally purchase your medical marijuana. It also permits you to grow your own medical marijuana for personal use. Fortunately, getting a medical marijuana ID card is as easy as visiting a legitimate online medical marijuana doctor and consulting with one of their board-licensed physicians. If you have questions about obtaining your ID card or how medical marijuana can treat your specific ailment, please contact us.

Medical Marijuana vs. Prescription Drugs: Why Marijuana Comes Out on Top

Medical Marijuana vs. Prescription Drugs: Why Marijuana Comes Out on Top

More research is being done that proves medical marijuana to be an effective treatment for conditions that cause chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, and a host of other adverse symptoms. Individuals who use marijuana to treat everything from post-traumatic stress disorder to cancer to fibromyalgia swear by the effectiveness of the herb and its ability to reduce pain and improve overall well-being.

Fortunately for these individuals and millions of others who can benefit from its therapeutic use, medical marijuana is now legal in 29 states including California. In the golden state, anyone possessing a state-issued medical marijuana ID card can legally purchase marijuana from any dispensary in the state as well as grow it in their home for personal use. An ID card is easily obtained online by getting approval from a licensed physician.

California residents who have a condition that can be medically treated by marijuana often wonder if they would be better off using the herb or to use prescription medication. Many doctors still recommend prescription drugs as their main method of treatment and continue to renew prescriptions for their patients on a regular basis. Do you wonder whether you should use marijuana or prescriptions in your treatment plan or if would you like to explore marijuana as an alternative to your present prescriptions? Here are just a few reasons why medical marijuana comes out on top.

 It Can Treat the Disease as Well as the Symptoms

 In most cases, prescription drugs are used only to treat symptoms of underlying diseases or conditions by masking pain. Medical marijuana, however, can actually help treat some diseases while also helping the individual manage symptoms. In the case of cancer, for example, cannabis can kill cancer cells and inhibit the growth of tumors. Whether used in combination with more aggressive forms of treatment like chemotherapy and radiation or on its own, marijuana can be effective in making a cancer patient feel better as well as fight their disease.

No Danger of Overdose

 Prescription drug abuse is a big problem in the United States and it is estimated that more than 17,000 deaths per year are the result of prescription overdoses. This number is greater than More than 50 million Americans use prescription drugs for uses other than medical, and addiction to opioids affects those as young as 12 years old.

As of 2017, there have been no known overdoses of medical marijuana. In addition, it is much more likely for individuals to become addicted to heroin or cocaine based on opioid use than marijuana use as opioids are derived from the same source as harder illegal drugs.

Prescription overdose

Fewer Dangerous Side Effects

One of the biggest drawbacks of prescription medication is the multitude of side effects ranging from constipation to fatigue and everything in between. Many people also develop a tolerance to their dosage of painkillers, which makes them continually up their dosage to experience the same effects. This leads to even more serious side effects and can cause other conditions that then need to be treated—often with more prescriptions medications.

Prescription drugs can be also be life threatening. Some prescriptions increase the risk of developing additional problems like deadly brain infections. Others, like drugs used to treat multiple sclerosis, work by blocking white blood cells. Since these cells protect the body from infection and disease, the inhibition of them can lead to more damage than the originally disease they are meant to treat.

Medical marijuana is not without side effects, of course, but they are generally much less dangerous and easier to manage. Common marijuana side effects are dizziness, lethargy, and low blood pressure, but much of this can be remedied by adjusting the dosage or percentage of THC in the drug. Medical marijuana has a lower percentage of THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, than its recreational counterpart and tends to produce fewer side effects.

 Long-Term Effects

 Long-term use of opioids includes decreased brain function, liver damage, hormonal dysfunction, and an overall weakening of the immune system. Those who try to stop taking opioids may also experience a number of negative side effects, especially if they have been on the drugs for a long period of time. Withdrawal symptoms can include muscle aches, anxiety, inability to sleep, high blood pressure, excessive sweating and more. This often leads individuals to begin taking the drugs again to deal with the symptoms, leading to a cycle of addiction.

Prescription Long Term effects - ZenMd
Prescription Long Term effects – ZenMd

Marijuana, on the other hand, has few long-term side effects, especially for individuals who take CBD-heavy medical marijuana. In fact, there is even emerging research that shows positive effects of medical marijuana on the temporal lobe of the brain. Most medical marijuana never experience any signs of addiction to the herb and do not have to deal with the problems of increased tolerance or withdrawals.

More Choices

With prescription drugs, you only have one choice: to take a pill (or multiple pills.) Some individuals are on so many medications that they are taking dozens of pills per day. If you don’t like taking pills or if they irritate your stomach, you don’t have many other options when it comes to prescriptions.

Medical marijuana comes in a variety of forms including vaporizing, smoking, and eating. This makes it easier to incorporate the drug into your everyday routine and find the delivery method that works best for your needs. When you work with a local dispensary, you can ask questions about the different forms that are available for purchase or for ways you can alter what you buy to make different forms of consumables. Remember to ask how altering the drug will change its chemical composition and/or potency so you can adjust for the proper dosage.

Medical Marijuana Cookies
Medical Marijuana Cookies

If you are considering or are currently using prescription medications to treat the symptoms of a disease or condition, you should look at medical marijuana as an alternative treatment option. Marijuana has fewer dangerous side effects, is more customized to your needs, and can even be more effective than prescription drugs. If you are interested in obtaining your ID card so you can legally buy medical marijuana, please reach out for more information.

Seven Ailments that Medical Marijuana Helps

Seven Ailments that Medical Marijuana Helps

As research continues on the benefits of medical marijuana, more and more diseases and ailments are falling under the umbrella of conditions that can be treated with cannabis. Currently in California, anyone who experiences chronic medical symptoms that impact their quality of life or impede their safety or mental health can qualify for a medical marijuana ID card and legally purchase cannabis from any dispensary. Hundreds of conditions can meet these criteria and more are being discovered frequently. Here are seven of the most common ailments that have been successfully treated with medical marijuana.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety-related conditions like generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) can severely impact an individual’s quality of life. Symptoms of anxiety disorders include insomnia, obsessive worry, social avoidance, panic attacks, and fatigue. While counseling and therapy are generally the best way to treat the root cause of anxiety disorders, medical marijuana can be very effective in increasing the levels of anandamide in a sufferer. Anandamide is often called our ‘inner cannabis’ and is often found to be below normal levels in those who experience chronic anxiety.

Those with anxiety disorders also benefit from the relaxing properties of medical marijuana. The herb has been used for years to provide stress and depression relief, dating back more than 400 years starting in India. The non-psychoactive component of medical marijuana, CBD, is the key to treating anxiety and related conditions. While THC can actually increase feelings of anxiety, those who purchase strains with a high CBD to THC ratio find that the soothing effects help them calm their nerves and live a more normal life.

Medical Marijuana for PTSD

Chronic Headaches

Those who suffer chronic headaches including debilitating migraines are thought to have impaired cannabinoid receptor connections that could lead to the pain, sensitivity to light, and pressure associated with the condition. Medical marijuana can help activate these connections and provide those who experience headaches much-needed relief. The drug also does this without the many negative side effects of traditional migraine medicines that can include nausea, muscle weakness, chest pressure, and fatigue.


Chronic pain due to underlying conditions like fibromyalgia, injury, or from surgery can keep an individual from living a full and active life. Depending on its cause and nature, chronic pain can be notoriously difficult to treat and many resort to just treating the symptoms with highly-addictive prescription opioids. More than 100 million Americans suffer from acute or chronic pain, and more and more of them are turning to medical marijuana for relief. Those who suffer nerve-related pain experience the most benefit from medical marijuana, but it has shown to be effective in treating everything from back pain to headaches and more.

Sleep Issues  

Sleep issues affect millions of Americans and range from delayed onset of sleep to insomnia that can severely limit an individual’s quality of life. Sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, frequent night awakenings, and night terrors can limit their ability to get a full night of rest needed to function at optimum levels. Mainstream treatments include expensive and bulky CPAP machines and medications that can leave the individual even more fatigued or lead to physical dependence.

Medical Marijuana for Insomnia

THC, one of the active chemicals in medical marijuana, has been shown to reduce the amount of time it takes to get to sleep and also the number of awakenings an individual experiences per night. THC also acts as a muscle relaxant that can help with restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea.

Digestive Disorders

Digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s Disease, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease involve either chronic constipation or diarrhea. They can also feature pain, nausea, colon spasms, and inflammation of the intestines. Medical marijuana interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the digestive tract which can calm spasms, reduce pain, and improve motility. Cannabis also has proven anti-inflammatory properties that can help heal irritated bowels and provide relief from pain.

Many of those who suffer from chronic digestive disorders have difficulty keeping weight on and consuming enough nutrients due to their discomfort. Cannabis has a well-documented history of stimulating appetite and suppressing nausea, making it a natural choice for those who are in danger of malnutrition.

Mild to Severe Nausea  

The THC and cannabinoids in medical marijuana both work as an anti-emetic and have proven very successful in the treatment of mild to severe nausea. Nausea can be one of the most debilitating symptoms of chemotherapy and can also plague those with inner-ear problems, GERD, or a number of other conditions. Medical marijuana can pair well with prescription anti-emetics to provide a comprehensive treatment plan for those on chemotherapy or can be beneficial on its own to treat less severe symptoms of nausea.


With more than 40 million people in the United States affected by it, arthritis is a debilitating condition that involves inflamed and painful joints that progressively get worse as the sufferer ages. Those afflicted with arthritis can experience tenderness or swelling of the joints, pain in the ankles, back, wrists, fingers, and neck, fatigue, and muscle weakness. Treatments for arthritis include steroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, both of which have side effects that range from weight gain to liver damage.

The THC component of medical marijuana is an effective pain killer that can help decrease the symptoms of all types of arthritis. The cannabidiol portion of marijuana is also important in the treatment of arthritis as it has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling and inflammation. Researchers have also found high levels of CB2 receptors in the joint tissues of those with arthritis. Cannabis activates these receptors, which can also lead to symptom relief.

Medical Marijuana for Arthritis

If you have one of the above seven ailments or one of the hundreds of other conditions that medical marijuana can treat, you should consider getting your state-issued ID card online so you can legally purchase marijuana. If you have any questions about using medical marijuana as part of your treatment plan, please feel free to reach out to one of our knowledgeable representatives.

Spotting Online Medical Marijuana Scam: MMJ Doctor Online

Spotting Online Medical Marijuana Scam: MMJ Doctor Online

With medical marijuana legal in California and new laws making recreational marijuana legal in the state, it’s become easier than ever to utilize marijuana to improve symptoms of numerous conditions such as glaucoma, high blood pressure, chronic pain, or the effects of cancer treatments. In California, you may legally purchase medical marijuana from any dispensary simply by being approved for a state-issued ID by a physician or certified online physicians office. The process is efficient and easy and you should receive your ID card in the mail within days.

Why MmjDoctorOnline scam
Why MmjDoctorOnline scam

Unfortunately, many unscrupulous companies are taking advantage of this process and have established websites that claim to offer state-issued ID cards. Sites such as mmjdoctoronline.com use names similar to legitimate medical marijuana physician sites and scam hundreds of customers a day. If you live in the state of California and have a medical condition that could be helped by medical marijuana, you need to know how to keep yourself safe from these scams. The cards from mmjdoctoronline.com are fake and could get you in trouble with law enforcement authorities. Here are some ways to spot a scam such as mmjdoctoronline.com when looking for a medical marijuana physician site that can issue you a state-issued ID card.

You Work Solely a Physician Assistant

 State-issued medical marijuana cards must be issued by a licensed physician. This applies to both physical appointments at offices as well as online verification. Many scam sites have a physicians assistant that conducts all the correspondence with the customer from taking background information to asking questions to providing the actual recommendation. This is illegal in the state of California and will void your ID card.

When you begin ‘speaking’ with a representative from a medical marijuana physician office online or in person, make sure to ask if they are an actual physician or a physician assistant. If they say there are a physician and you are in doubt, ask to see their credentials. Legitimate sites will always be upfront about their licensing and will be happy to provide proof of it. If they do not, it’s a sign that you are being scammed.

The Doctors Are Not State-Licensed

Medical marijuana doctors must abide by the same standards as other healthcare professionals in the industry. This includes being licensed by the state. The only legal way to buy medical marijuana in California is to obtain a state-issued ID from a licensed physician and buy marijuana from a legal dispensary in the state. Working with a state-licensed physician is not only the law, but it also makes sense. When you work with a medical professional, you know that your questions will be answered professionally and the advice and recommendations you receive are sound.


Unlike mmjdoctoronline.com, the physicians at MMJ Doctor fully understand everything involved in providing medical marijuana recommendations and ID cards and are fully licensed by the state of California. Our physicians know what medical information to request from patients to satisfy state laws and to provide a legal and full recommendation. They will also guide you through the process of using medical marijuana to treat your condition. The physicians are advocates of incorporating this powerful medicine into treatment plans to help ease pain, calm anxiety, and increase the quality of life for their patients.

 They Don’t Provide Any Service After the Recommendation

 At scam sites like mmjdoctoronline, they are about only one thing: taking your money. At ZenMd, we are doctor-owned and operated and the core of our practice is taking care of our patients. Our physicians are knowledgeable, respectable, and always take the time to go over all of our patients’ questions. You won’t simply get an ID card and never speak to us again. We value the relationship we build with our patients and want to keep providing service to them if needed. That’s why we offer a protection package that includes: law enforcement protection, a replacement medical marijuana recommendation if needed, follow-up visits, court documentation evaluation, and medical marijuana subpoena processing. We not only provide state-issued ID cards: we are advocates for our patients in utilizing medical marijuana in an effective and legal manner.

 It is very likely that after receiving a (fake) ID card from sites like mmjdoctoronline you’ll never hear from their team again. This is simply not the way we conduct our business. Our friendly, expert team is always available to answer questions from patients or potential patients on receiving a recommendation and any questions that follow.

They Prescribe Instead of Recommend

 As a Schedule 1 drug, marijuana is still considered illegal in the eyes of the law. Though medical marijuana is legal in California with a state-issued ID card, it cannot be ‘prescribed’ by a doctor. Physicians can only ‘recommend’ the use of medical marijuana to treat a list of approved conditions and diseases. If the medical marijuana doctor you work with prescribes marijuana for your condition, it means they do not know the law and are likely scamming you. Listen closely when you communicate with the physicians assistant or other representative at the clinic. Does he or she ever use the term ‘prescribe marijuana’? If so, you should look for a different medical marijuana doctor to work with.

It’s very important to work with a medical marijuana doctor who is licensed, knowledgeable, and professional when you apply for your medical marijuana ID card in the state of California. Not only will this keep you safe in the eyes of the law, but it will also ensure that your questions are fully answered and that you will have a guide in your journey with using medical marijuana to treat your condition. Make sure you work with a clinic that has a state-licensed physician on staff that reviews your medical information and issues your recommendation. You should also ensure they offer service after you get your ID card and that the doctor never ‘prescribes’ marijuana for medical use.

 Medical marijuana is a powerful ally in your treatment plan to achieve better overall wellness. If you have any questions about using medical marijuana to ease pain or treat other symptoms or would like more information on obtaining a legal ID card, please visit our website.


MmjDoctorOnline Scam! Get your card at ZenMd.Net
MmjDoctorOnline Scam! Get your card at ZenMd.Net

Spotting Online Medical Marijuana Scams: 420 Evaluations Online

Spotting Online Medical Marijuana Scams: 420 Evaluations Online

Getting your valid medical marijuana ID card in the state of California is as easy as visiting a certified online physicians office and filling out the necessary forms. A doctor will review your application within minutes and, if approved, will have your state-issued ID card in the mail to you the same day. Unfortunately, the ease of getting an online medical marijuana card has been exploited by numerous websites that do not have the authorization to issue state medical marijuana ID cards. One of those scam websites is 420 Evaluations Online com and MmjDoctorOnline com. Though it looks legit when you visit it, applying for a card through this company results in a fake online medical marijuana card. This costs you money and can also get you in trouble with the authorities. Want to know the signs that you’re getting scammed by a site that has no authority to issue cards? Let ZenMD help by offering the following things to look out for:

420EvaluationsOnline & MmjDoctoronline scam
420EvaluationsOnline & MmjDoctoronline scam

No State-Licensed Doctors : 420 Evaluations Online and MmjDoctorOnline

The only want to get a valid medical marijuana ID card is to obtain one from state-licensed doctors that abide by the same standards as other physicians in the healthcare industry. Not only is this a legal requirement, but it’s also smart to work with a medical professional who can guide you on the proper ways to incorporate medical marijuana in your treatment program.

A medical marijuana doctor has an obligation to work in accordance with state and county regulations mandated under California’s medical marijuana laws. At Zen MD, our physicians are fully licensed in the state of California and fully understand all of the legal ramifications and rules for prescribing medical marijuana. Our doctors always ask to see medical information and possible documentation before they approve your medical marijuana card.

Scam sites such as 420 Evaluations Online and Mmj Doctor Online have no licensed doctors on staff – technically they copy doctors`s signatures from the Internet and paste it to medical marijuana recommendations . They never ask to see documentation and you never speak to a medical professional. They claim that a doctor evaluates your case, but you never have communication with them. In accordance with state law, your information must be evaluated by a licensed physician to get a valid medical marijuana card. Online doctors will ask you a series of questions to identify your symptoms and your condition and verify that you qualify for medical marijuana use. Some will even ask to see documentation from your primary physician who originally diagnosed your condition.

Sites such as 420 Evaluations Online and Mmj Doctor Online do not ask for this information and no licensed physician evaluates your case. This means the medical marijuana cards that 420 Evaluation Online and Mmj Doctor Online issue are fake and will likely be rejected by dispensaries and/or get you in trouble with authorities if they ever ask to verify your medical marijuana card.

You Speak Only to a Physician Assistant

Physicians assistants are not legally able to conduct examinations for medical marijuana ID cards. This applies to both in-office examinations as well as online 420 evaluations. Though they can assist the physician in collecting information and with the actual exam if necessary, they cannot recommend the use of medical marijuana.

When speaking to the person evaluating your case online, ask if they are a physicians assistant or a medical doctor. If you have doubts, ask to see their credentials. A legitimate site with licensed physicians will have no problems providing this information. If they refuse or offer excuses, it’s a red flag that the site is not legitimate.

The Doctor ‘Prescribes’ Marijuana

Marijuana is considered a Schedule 1 drug, which means it is illegal due to its high abuse potential and severe safety concerns. Though advocates of marijuana have long disputed these claims, legislation has not changed to remove it from the Schedule 1 list. Therefore, the law prevents doctors from ‘prescribing’ medical marijuana to their patients. A licensed medical marijuana doctor may ‘recommend’ the use of the drug to their patients to relieve symptoms of medical conditions that have been proven treatable by marijuana.

Listen to the language your online doctor or physicians assistant uses when talking about issuing your card. Does he or she ever use the words ‘prescribe marijuana’? If so, it is a red flag that they do no know the law and are not a legitimate medical marijuana doctor.

The Medical Doctor is Part of a Dispensary

It is against the law for a medical marijuana doctor to have direct contact with marijuana. This and other strict guidelines apply to doctors who conduct their practice in person or online. If your medical marijuana doctor is working out of a marijuana dispensary, they are physically touching the medication and providing it to the patient. This is illegal.

A dispensary can only distribute medical marijuana to those who have a valid state-issued ID card. They cannot recommend the use of the drug, nor can they issue valid ID cards. If your medical marijuana doctor is working in the same building as the dispensary, working in an adjacent building, or is using the same name as the dispensary in his or her practice, you should find a different doctor. Though 420EvaluationsOnline and MmjDoctorOnline are an online doctors and not part of a dispensary, it is still good information for potential medical marijuana patients to know.

It is imperative to work with a licensed medical marijuana doctor when applying for your state-issued ID card. This ensures that your information is kept safe and secure, that any questions you have will be answered and, most importantly, that the ID you receive in the mail is legal. Remember to be wary of any doctor who ‘prescribes’ rather than recommends medical marijuana and always ask if you are speaking to a licensed physician if you have doubts about the site’s legitimacy.

Medical marijuana can be incredibly beneficial for those experiencing the symptoms of arthritis, chronic pain, nausea from chemotherapy, glaucoma, and a number of other conditions. Though it is legal in the state of California, you must have a valid state-issued ID before you can legally purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary. If you have any questions about using marijuana to treat your symptoms or if you’d like to apply for a valid ID card, please visit our website.

Mmj Doctor Online and 420 Evaluations Online Reviews.

You can find a lot of good reviews for 420evaluationsonline.com  and mmjdoctoronline.com but do not trust them. Most of the reviews were paid $10 so it was easy to collect positive reviews for fraudulent services. Sort by negative reviews and read them all first.

Two main questions patients are googling :

1. Is Mmj Doctor Online legit? –

2. Is 420 Evaluations Online legit?

The same answer for both questions : No,  mmjdoctoronline and 420evaluationsonline not legit , it is scam with no patient-doctor interaction and fake doctors signatures.

420EvaluationsOnline and MmjDoctorOnline scam! No doctor-patient interaction. Fake medical marijuana cards with fake doctors`s signatures . No legal verification provided to law enforcement. Doctors are denying any facts of evaluations. Some patients were arrested as stated on FB page by a lawyer !

Get your medical marijuana from licensed mmj doctors in California .  You will talk to a real doctor via tele health application.  Click image to start.

How to get a medical marijuana card online
How to get a medical marijuana card online

Five Possible Side Effects of Marijuana Use

Five Possible Side Effects of Marijuana Use (and How to Remedy Them)

Marijuana contains chemicals called cannabinoids that affect the central nervous system. The herb’s effect on our nervous system and certain receptors is the reason why it is effective as a treatment for conditions ranging from chronic pain to nausea. However, because of the way it works in the body, marijuana can also have some side effects that patients find troubling. Here are five possible side effects of medical marijuana and what you can do to remedy them. Is It Possible To Overdose On Marijuana?Is It Possible To Overdose On Marijuana?

Disorientation or Dizziness

 Tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC, is a chemical compound in marijuana and the part of the herb that is linked to the euphoric ‘high’ most people feel when they use the herb. Though THC can be instrumental in treating some medical conditions, it can also cause unwanted symptoms. One of the most common is dizziness, which is most likely due to the drop in blood pressure that THC triggers in the body. When you try to stand or sit up too quickly after consuming marijuana, you may experience mild to extreme dizziness that lasts a few seconds to a few minutes.

 Slowed Reaction Time

 Cannabis can be an excellent way to relax, especially for those who are experiencing anxiety-related conditions such as PTSD or generalized anxiety disorder. However, these same relaxing effects can also have an impact on reaction times to multiple forms of stimuli. While this might not make much difference if you plan to relax at home with a movie or friends, it can become an issue if you attempt to drive, operate heavy machinery, or engage in complex problem-solving tasks.

 Dry Mouth

 Dry or ‘cotton’ mouth is frequently reported by those who use medical marijuana. The dry mouth effect is due to the cannabinoid receptors that are located in the submandibular glands that are responsible for producing most of our saliva. When the THC binds to these receptors, the glands stop receiving messages to produce saliva and cause the dry mouth effect.

While this is not an extreme symptom, it can be uncomfortable. It’s recommended that those who use medical marijuana keep themselves well hydrated with plenty of filtered water before, during, and after their dosage.

 Increased Heart Rate

 Those who smoke marijuana can experience a heart rate increase of 20 to 100 percent for up to three hours after their dosage. THC is a vasodilator, which makes causes blood vessels to expand and lowers blood pressure. To compensate for the lowered blood pressure, the heart will often speed up. Though a small increase in heart rate is normal and should not cause patients much distress, some individuals experience an intense increase that is frightening and could put them at risk for a heart attack. This usually happens in cases where the THC levels were too high or the patient had a pre-existing heart condition.


Marijuana is often used to reduce anxiety and calm patients who experience mood disorders or panic attacks. However, large doses of THC may have the opposite effect and induce paranoia and anxiety in some patients. Though researchers have no definitive answer to why certain individuals may experience this, a combination of genetics, personality, and how a person consumers the drug are thought to play a part. Using strains of cannabis that are high in THC or taking too much of the drug can also increase chances of anxiety.

How to Manage Marijuana Side Effects


Fortunately, most side effects of medical marijuana are much less dangerous than those of traditional prescription drugs and can often be managed through simple changes. Here are a few tips to reduce negative side effects and help you better enjoy the medicinal properties of cannabis.

Know your limits  It’s important to know how you react to marijuana in different concentrations. The average concentrations of THC in marijuana range from one to five percent, with some strains having a concentration of up to 17 percent. If you are new to using medical marijuana, start with the lowest concentration and monitor your reaction before using anything stronger. You should also know how much you can smoke or ingest at a time to achieve the desired results without the negative side effects.

Don’t panic  It’s important not to panic when experiencing marijuana side effects. Though they may be troubling, especially if you are new to using the herb, they normally subside within a few hours (some within minutes) and leave no lasting negative impact. To date, there have been no known lethal overdoses of marijuana, so it’s important to realize that rest and relaxation will almost always relieve any side effects.

Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery  Many of the normal side effects of marijuana use impact an individuals reaction times, alertness, and ability to respond to stimuli. For these reasons, it’s important to avoid driving and operating heavy machinery after a medical marijuana dose, especially as you get used to how the drug affects you. You may also want to avoid taking marijuana when you need to concentrate on a highly detailed task or when you will be in a situation where you can’t rest or relax.

Drink lots of water and avoid alcohol  Marijuana can affect the salivary glands and cause you to experience dry mouth, which is why adequate hydration is recommended. Individuals should also avoid drinking alcohol while they are using medical marijuana. Alcohol can produce many of the same side effects, therefore compounding them and making them even more troublesome.

Try black peppercorns  Due to the connection between THC and the terpenoids found in plants such as pepper, smelling or chewing black peppercorns may be an effective remedy for marijuana-induced anxiety. Researchers are still studying this connection, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that this common household item could have a positive effect. Sniffing black peppercorns could provide immediate relief from symptoms while chewing them could produce relief within an hour.

The benefits of medical marijuana could be lifesavers for those living with chronic pain, anxiety, or a host of other conditions. Though side effects are possible, they are almost always less severe than those associated with most prescription or over-the-counter drugs. Knowing your limits and finding dosages that work best for you are the keys to experiencing the benefits of marijuana without the negative side effects. If you have questions about how to use marijuana for medicinal purposes or how to get your medical marijuana card online, please sign up and get all your answers from our licensed medical marijuana doctors! Sign up online at www.zenmd.net